The circular also expr足彩亚博官网419论坛he government’s su


The circular also expr足彩亚博官网419论坛he government’s su

support for holiday and night economy. Enterprises and their employees are encouraged to flexibly arrange their paid annua

l leave to avoid peak times. By 2022, more than 200 national nighttime consumption areas will be established.足彩亚博官网419论坛品茶微信

Related departments should support the development of cruise and

足彩亚博官网419论坛yacht tourism, theme tourism for intangible cultural heritage, and integrate culture and to

urism with modern technology such as 5G and virtual reality, according to the circular.

China has been stepping up the use of robots in coal mines to improve mining efficiency and safety.足彩亚博官网419论坛

To date, robots have been used in patrolling, picking refuse and nine other situ

ations, while 19 other applications are under development, said Huang Yuzhi, head

足彩亚博官网419论坛品茶微信of the National Coal Mine Safety Administration at a recent conference on robots.

“Developing mining robots can be an effective way to address coal mine safety,” said Huang.

To promote the development of the robots, Huang said that l

ocal governments should create favorable conditions for research, while coal mines in pr足彩亚博官网419论坛

ovinces including Shandong, Hebei and Henan need to accelerate application of the robots.

足彩亚博官网419论坛Meanwhile, universities should carry out education on roboti

cs to meet the growing demand for tech-savvy graduates, Huang said.

China has put great emphasis on production safety, vowing to weed out mine足彩亚博官网419论坛品茶微信

s that do not meet safety standards.A visitor reads a book of the new series of t

he Palace Museum Calendar 2020 issued by the Forbidden City Publishing House on

足彩亚博官网419论坛Themed “Smart Technology: Empowering Econo

my, Enriching Life,” the 2019 Smart China Expo kicked off in Chongqing on Monday.

The expo brings together experts, scholars and b

usiness representatives from home and abroad to discuss the booming inte足彩亚博官网419论坛品茶微信

lligent industry in the four-day event. It also provides a platform to show the cutting-edge t

echnologies, products as well as business forms and models of the global smart industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.hina will soon ro足彩亚博官网419论坛

ll out a number of substantive measures to deepen capital market reforms, following

the best international practices, the country’s top securities regulator said on Sunday.足彩亚博官网419论坛品茶微信

The China Securities Regulatory Commission me

t on Sunday to discuss and refine a plan to deepen capital market reforms

and said the plan has largely taken shape, financial news agency reported.

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